Step into the captivating narrative of York & Angel, a vision ignited in 2016 by the creative minds of Gary and Daniela Markos. Back in the whirlwind of New York, their romantic journey took root, and amidst the vibrant cityscape, they realized their potential as an unstoppable duo, destined to craft eternity.

Fast-forward through the pages of time, and you'll find them now as the dynamic duo living out their love story in the City of Angels, Los Angeles. With a heritage steeped in the artistry of jewelry, Gary and Daniela inherited a legacy that runs deep. Both their fathers, luminaries in the trade, have passed on the torch of expertise, adding brilliance to their family's heritage.

Their passion for precision and quality sparked a transformative journey. From their shared passion emerged their brainchild, York & Angel, a creation that encapsulated their devotion to craftsmanship and each other. But there's more to this story than just exquisite jewelry.

Beyond the gems and precious metals lies a golden purpose. Gary and Daniela have woven a mission into the very fabric of York & Angel. With hearts as radiant as the pieces they create, they're committed to being a beacon of support for those in need. Their platform isn't just a stage for showcasing beauty; it's a spotlight that shines on causes close to their hearts. Every quarter, a portion of their sales is devoted to championing mental health charities, a testament to their ethos of giving back.

Love is the heartbeat of York & Angel. Founded on the profound love that brought Gary and Daniela together, it's a resonance that echoes worldwide. Their creations embody not only artistic finesse but also the love they've nurtured – an embodiment of warmth and elegance that touches lives across continents.

So here's to York & Angel, where love is a masterpiece, and every creation is a stroke of passion. From New York's embrace to Los Angeles' glitz, their journey is a celebration of creativity, compassion, and the enduring power of love.


At York & Angel, love knows no boundaries and neither do we. Our mission: to stand by those in need. Through every sale, we support mental health charities that resonate with our values by donating a portion of our sales at the end of every year. We're not just crafting jewelry; we're building a brighter world with every gem.